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Vehicle Access Control System Dubai

Vehicle Access Control System, Dubai, UAE, SecurAX

When your business or house is secured then controlling this coming and going in of such secured premises becomes the next priority to be ticked off on the list. This kind of a security system helps to cater and recognize vehicular movement into and out of the requisite site.
SecurAX has the best to offer in vehicle access control systems in Dubai , by way of providing a wide range of turnstiles and gate barriers for secure entry of people and vehicles, working by controlled RFID based devices attached to a vehicle which is integrated into the existing parking management systems.With the help of a smart card access of UHF (long range) access control, Boom Barrier, Controller and Access Management manning the post of a vehicular check becomes an automated soldier. Its seamless integration is the best in vehicular access control systems in Dubai, or anywhere else in the world.

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