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ANVIZ OA1000 - Fingerprint & RFID Time Attendance System

ANVIZ VF30 Biometric


OA1000 is a genuine breakthrough by Anviz in biometric Fingerprint or Thumb impression identification terminals, which fully integrate Fingerprint identification, RFID, camera, wireless, multimedia and embedded system technology. OA1000 can be used for Time Attendance Solution along with Time Attendance Software or it can be used stand-alone for Access Control Solution. This terminal can be set to require any combination of identification including Fingerprint, password, Access card, or simply secure fingerprint-only entry - all within an elegant and easy to use interface. The built-in camera allows you to assign photographs to each user, but can also be set to record snap-shots of people as they clock-in on the device. The OA1000 can be setup or accessed from your computer using USB, or over the network using TCP/IP Ethernet connection. It has options for Wi-Fi connectivity, Mifare Card reader and HID Card reader.

  • Samsung 3.5 inch industrial TFT LCD of high brightness
  • Samsung 400MHz Arm9 high speed processor
  • USA BioNano core algorithm platform
  • Embedded WinCE 5.0 operating system
  • Anviz new generation optical fingerprint reader
  • Waterproof, dustproof, scratchproof, unbreakable and durable
  • 10 number key, 5 function key, 6 user defined function key, 4 status key and 1 navigation key
  • Multiple identification method: fingerprint, card, fingerprint + card, ID + fingerprint, ID + password, card + password
  • Customizable voice prompt and time attendance status. Display user picture, personal and public message
  • User can select local language in the menu
  • 3 million pixel camera, speaker, microphone, 1 USB and 1 RJ45 interface
  • Support TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host, 2G TF card, optional WIFI inbuilt
  • Standard RFID card reader, optional Mifare or HID card reader
  • Optional SC021 or SC822 access controller for separate type secure access control system
  • Support real-time record download, online monitor, remote access control, and server identification etc.
  • Technical Specifications

  • Operating System: WinCE
  • Camera: 3 Million Pixel Camera
  • Algorithm: BioNano V10
  • Sensor: AFOS300 Optical Sensor
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3000/5000
  • Log Capacity: 100000
  • Identification Mode: FP, Card, ID+FP, ID+PW, PW+Card, FP+Card
  • FRR: 0.001%
  • FAR: 0.00001%
  • Communication Interface: TCP/IP, RS232, USB HOST, Relay Out, Wiegand In&Out, Optional WiFi
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